120-Ton Hot Press Machine

For Pressing & Lamination
One Daylight
Three Daylights

This Hot Press is widely used for pressing & lamination Industries like: Panel Processing, Modular Furniture, Woodworking, Plywood and Flush Door.

Technical Specifications:
Model No.UnitsS-120T1S-120T3
No. of DaylightsNo.OneThree
Max. PressureTons120120
Hot Platen Sizemm2500 X 1300 x 422500 X 1300 x 42
Opening b/w Daylightsmm385100
Size of Hydraulic Cylindersmm120120
No. of Hydraulic CylindersNo.66
Total PowerKW2336

Note: Customize Designs Available according to you like: Sizes, Pressure & Number of Daylights.