Our Services

To our prospective customers you can contact directly to our company’s departments for sales, services, spares & extra any requirement. Our services engineering department would be ready 24 hours to give you timely services support so that don’t waste your time & money. When the clients’ information received by us then immediately a well solution provide to the clients. Our services engineering department need time to arrive at where happens emergency & mechanical accident: 2 to 4 hours for local areas nearest to city Yamunanagar and for different provinces in India 48 hours. Our service engineers will not come back until the machine’s problem will not be solved & perform operations exactly. Our servicing engineers can come back, when the customers is satisfied with our best services & technical support.

Mostly our hydraulic presses like hydraulic hot press for plywood, hydraulic hot press for core (veneer) drying, hydraulic hot press for flush-door, hydraulic hot press for ply & board, hydraulic hot press for particle board & also complete particle board line, hydraulic pre press, hydraulic pre-lam press, hydraulic laminate press for ply & board, hydraulic cold press for plywood, hydraulic laminate press machine & its complete line, equipment (spare parts),hydraulic power pack, hydraulic cylinders, accurate finishing presses platens are already stocks & manufacturing by us.

As well as we provides complete service of our machines like testing, repair, maintenance with warranty & without waste your time & money to the customers for long time. For any enquiry and any requirement you can contact directly to our managing staff via phones, emails, online, face book, Skype & visits in company. Our sales staffs, servicing engineers & field working engineers are highly qualified and experienced more years. Our servicing department can discuss to the clients about the machinery problems & any other essential enquiry & also give you immediately professional solutions.

Services Before Sale:

The sharp engineering company’s management be a good consultant & assistant to our customers; investment of the our customers to ensure will be rewarded with great profitable.

  1. First of all customer select which type of product (equipment) want to buy.
  2. If the customer want to buy our machinery product then contact us via emails, telephone, online, skype, sms, visit the company & enquiry forms from our websites. We can design machinery products & develop customized to our customer’s special needs.
  3. We manufacturing hydraulic presses for plywood & laminate purpose on ply & board in number of quantity for sales directly to customer and others in INDIA & across the world. The company also give training for client’s technician, supervisor.
  4. The company send their qualified & experienced field working engineers to observe the customer’s sites to come up with a good optimized solution.

Services During Sale:

The company respect their all trust-able clients & give them convenience & reliable machinery product. The company provides leading help to the customer & gain more forever.

  1. Inspect our machinery product,equipment,accessories & instructions file before sent by us.
  2. The company assisted to our trustable clients regarding machinery, machinery service, damaged parts & to make a construction plan for long time support.
  3. We provides you proper satisfaction about our machinery products, leading quality, leading prices, leading service for future. If you don’t satisfied our machinery products,quality,prices,services you can agree other industry.

Supervision & Installation Services After Sale:

When our machinery products has been shipped and transported to the client’s site, then supervision, testing, installation of the machinery products, equipments strictly issue for clients & by us before operation start. If any need of help about the machinery & during operation start of the machine any fault detected then customer read our machines operating instructions book, if machine still not operation correctly then our qualified engineers will come to the customers company. We will also give you warranty of our all types of hydraulic press machines & all other types of plywood machinery can working properly after testing, supervision & installation of the machine.

We also provide training to your technician, workers at present. When the installation & training is finished, then our one or two service engineer will be stayed there to ensure clients production run well. We will provides you leading quality & leading accuracy machines, “because quality is matter hear; we mean it” and also provides leading services. Still by any reason occurred some problems in machines then we will repair it & run well absolutely free between the time period of giving services by us. Otherwise we will be charged reasonable very small amount of fees from the clients; includes in which air tickets, local transportation charges and living expenses etc. The customer if can’t to pay these services during start installation, supervision & repair, maintenances of the machine then installation machine manually by our instruction file by himself to use.

During installation of press machines any problem can occurs then our customer can contact directly to us, we will happy to help you & will give you immediately a proper solution within 15 minutes. The company sends immediately their qualified & experienced professionals to the customer’s sites. By this way, it’s totally free. After completion inspection & supervision of machine if any problems are found in machines by miss operation of the clients then fees related to airplane tickets, local transport charges & living expenses of our service engineer will be paid from the clients account.

If problems in machine were occurred itself then company provides you best service absolutely free & all expenses are on us. The company gives you a safety uses instructions book or broacher with each machine that we sell, so that operation start easily & run smoothly. If the customer want to do that machine run smoothly for long time with safety & machine will safe for longer time, so we request to the clients must read the safety instructions book & proper oil, lubrication, cleaning in machine and use it carefully manual before operations start.

Machinery Spares & Accessory Services:

We choose only reliable suppliers for our different machines components such as electric motor, electric components, electric limit switches and also others easily damaged spares accessories. We provide you warranty of our machinery products and its spare parts, its quality & its correct performance. If the clients want to change or replace the electric components, electric motors & other accessories then we will change accessory of different brands by the request of clients. At the time of purchasing the clients can decides, which kind of accessory want to be accept, want to be change & want to be any other facility from the company. For different choosing brands of the machines accessory by the clients a price difference in this cause.

The customer can buy easily some damaged parts of machines from the sharp engineering company’s sailing department with contact directly. And we promise to you won’t make any profit instead spare parts & accessory, as well as the clients can buy damaged spare parts & accessory anytime with the use of machines. We will be provided machinery spare parts, machinery accessories, machinery services by receiving order from the clients. In future for any requirement, any information, any enquiry like services, spare parts, hydraulic press machinery product & other all types of plywood machinery product please contact us.

Services & Technical Support:

The Sharp Engineering Company from starting time to at present is going on this progressive way according to Newton’s laws “prevention is better than cure” so we always manufactured best design machine & best quality machine with quilted & check pass material so that our machine’s performance differently to other machines. Still we also provide great attention to our trustable clients after sale services of the products. We always ready to help the our clients from beginning of each deals of hydraulic hot presses for plywood, hydraulic cold presses, particle & ply board presses, all types laminate presses for plywood & others all types plywood machinery.

If clients want any information about the hydraulic presses after purchasing then the clients please contact us & we give you correct solutions about your questioning & your needs. we always give you leading quality machinery products, leading services & leading technical support for long time, firstly our primary responsibility always for client’s request seriously. For technical support, services support, machinery & machinery spare parts & other requirements, customer please contact us.