Wood Seasoning Chamber

There are different capacity of Seasoning Chamber plants. We aremanufacturing seasoning chamber coil from 1¼ Heavy Duty seamless pipe & pipe cover withaluminium fin. We are using standard quality valves & quauge for long life of chamber & minimum loss of steam. Each chamber contain 4 aluminum fan. 

Machine’s Features:

  • Heavy Duty M.S. & Aluminum Fabricated Body and Frame.
  • Leading Quality & Leading Services.
  • Vibration Less.
  • Low Maintenance.
  • Leading Quality Air Blower for Heat Exchanges in Chamber at Pressure.
  • It Prevents from Defects Like Warping, Cracking, Splitting Etc.
  • All Seasoning Heating Chambers Are in Double Coils.
  • Easy to Operate and Used Friendly.
  • Uniform Heating and Spreading the Steam.
  • Running Through Steam.

Technical Details:

1No. of Air Blower/Fan2 No.
2Fan MaterialAluminum
3No. of Heating Coils4 No.
4No. of Chimney1 No.
5Total Power3.75 kW


1No. of Air Blower/Fan3 No.
2Fan MaterialAluminum
3No. of Heating Coils6 No.
4No. of Chimney2 No.
5Total Power6.75 kW
1No. of Air Blower/Fan4 No.
2Fan MaterialAluminum
3No. of Heating Coils8 No.
4No. of Chimney3 No.
5Total Power7.5 kW