Wood Impregnation Tank

Wood Impregnation Tank (also called wood cooking autoclave) is the kind of pressure vessel designed to realize wood pressure impregnation with water soluble preservatives to protect against funguses and insects or dye the paint first and finishing coats. STRENGTH Equipment had been providing standard or custom wood cooking autoclave to meet your specific wood impregnation process with automatic controlled pressure and temperature. 

We brings high quality of vacuum impregnation systems. Industrial pressure impregnation systems made by our company have placed an unprecedented demand in the market, as these are designed and developed according to the specific requirements of customers. These pressure impregnation systems are acceptable by a countless number of clients all over India.

Vacuum impregnation Plant are designed to provide an effective impregnation and a perfect sealant solution all the time. Our systems impregnate with electrical winding of transformers, waters & coils of various other electrical items for increased insulation property and quality of the sealing solution. The vacuum impregnation systems have an impregnation chamber which has a vacuum sealed ms vessel with both top and bottom as dished ends.

Machine’s Features:

  • Improved strength
  • Improved insulation
  • A smoother finish after machining
  • Improved penetration of preservatives
  • Dimensional stability and less risk of distortion
  • Fungi and moulds cannot survive on dry timber
  • Improved performance of finishes such as paints and stains