Edge Bander


Edge Bander is used to cover the exposed sides of such as plywood, particle board, or MFD, increasing durability and giving the appearance of a solid or more valuable material.


  • Easy adjustment of trimming & Buffing Units.
  • Glue temperature electronic control with digital read out.
  • Powered and automatic edge feeding at work piece infeed.
  • Front telescopic support with roller conveyor for bigger work piece.
  • Machine base made of steel is stable and rigid, keeping the adjustments.
  • Electric control panel positioned on the front side to facilitate its use any working conditions.
  • The machine is also suitable for radius trimming / chamfering of the Panel Corner with radius tool.

Technical Details:

1Table Size (Length x Width)1150 x 920 mm
2Max. Work Piece Length280 mm
3Type Semi-Auto
4Work Piece Thickness Range10 – 50 mm
5Thickness for PVC / ABS in Coil form0.4 – 3.0 mm
6Thickness of Wooden StripsUp to 3 mm
7Min-Radius for Curved Edging20 mm
8Glue Pot Capacity3 Kg
9Variable Feed5 – 12 m/min.
10Front Table Adjustment (Up & Down)3 mm
11Front Table Tilt Angle0° – 45°
12Maximum Setting Temperature180°C
13Compressed Air Requirement5-7 Kg/cm2
14Heating Element2 Kw
15Power Supply415V, 3Ø
16Motor Power0.37 kw
17Overall Dimension (L X W X H)1400 x 990 x 1170 mm
18Total Weight400 Kg
2Mini. Work Piece Length120 mm
3Mini. Work Piece Width100 mm
4Work Piece Thickness Range10 – 50 mm
5Thickness for PVC / ABS in Coil form0.4 – 3.0 mm
6Glue Pot Capacity1.5 Kg
7Variable Feed11 m/min.
8Maximum Setting Temperature180°C – 200°C
9Compressed Air Requirement6-7 Kg/cm2
10Buffing Motor Power2 x 0.5HP
11Fine Trimming Motor Power2 x 1HP
12End Cutting Motor Power2 x 0.5HP
13Total Power7.5 HP