Dust Collector

Dust Collectors are used along with wood working and other machines as a catcher of saw dust, chips, shavings & granular materials from the operating area. The unit is fitted with dynamically balanced steel impellers, which is housed in a profiled housing to give high volume and efficient suction capacity. Thus preventing saw dust entering into working parts of the machines; hence protecting the moving parts from premature wear & tear and also giving clean working conditions.

The dust is sucked in the pump and is collected in a filter bag having about 30 micron rating which is supplied as a standard accessory. The drive is through a 3-Ø induction motor. The base frame is mounted on swivel wheels for easy portability of the unit. Various sizes of the dust collectors are available depending upon the number of machines and amount of saw dust to be evacuated.

Technical Details:

1Material of BagFabric Filter
2No. of Bags for Dust Collection1
3Air Suction Capacity2200 m3/hour
4Intake OpeningAs per Design
5Total Power2 HP
1 Material of Bag Fabric Filter
2 No. of Bags for Dust Collection 2
3 Air Suction Capacity 2200 m3/hour
4 Intake Opening As per Design
5 Total Power 3 HP