Hot Press for Lamination & Pressing Flush Doors, Plywood, Veneer, Particle board, MDF, HDF etc.

Hydraulic Hot Press for Lamination & Pressing Flush Doors, Plywood, Veneer, Particle board, MDF, HDF etc.

This Wood hot press machine is widely using in the all kind of wood-working industries, wooden door interior industries, plywood & doors making industries for manufacturing, pressing & also lamination the wooden doors, flush-doors, skin-doors, plywood, ply, block boards (wood panels) molded doors, veneers, sunmica laminates, formica laminates, acrylic laminates pressing on to the wooden boards, particle boards, MDF & HDF board pieces for Furniture like doors, tables, house hold furniture and many more .


One layer hot    One layer hot side    Monometer PLC electric panel

One Layer Hot Press Machine (Girder Body Type)

Hot press machine    Hot press machine 2    Hot press 5 machine

Five Layer Hot Press Machine (Girder Body Type)

Hot Press    Hot Press    Hot Press Machine

Five Layer Hot Press Machine (Plate Body Type)

Note: We making Hot Press in 1 Layer, 2 Layer, 3 Layer, 4 Layer, 5 Layer, 6 Layer & from 120 Tons to 300 Tons Capacity. 

We have manufacturing hydraulic hot presses with the use of international standards components (parts) such as high accuracy daylights (platens), hydraulic cylinders, steam pipes, leading drilling inside the platens and electrical components such as PLC based controls, PB based controls etc. We have a key of leading quality machinery products on the basis of international standards, leading services forever, timely delivered machinery & services, leading technical support. The company has experience in turnkey projects (handling systems) according to customer’s specific requirements.

The Sharp Engineering Company is giving you complete line of hydraulic hot & cold presses of leading quality & accuracy as well as leading services forever. The company is able to suit custom design from specific requirements of our customers. Our highly qualified & experienced engineers & marketing executive working in this field so that our leading quality machinery with market competitive price, equipments & services to reach corner to corner across the world.

Machine’s Features

  • Uniform pressure & heat distribution in all daylights
    • International standards hydraulic & electrical components
    • High grade & tested material are used for fabrication structure & platens
    • Standard accessory for no maintenance
    • Window body & I-beam gadar body structure for long life
    • Fluid seals are used in the cylinders to avoid oil leakages
    • Machine openings multi daylights
    • PLC/PB based hydraulic & electric controls
    • Vibration free & rigid construction
    • Easily operation
    • Leading services
    • Less maintenance

Note: Our manufacturing and supplying capacity of Hot Press machines 50 set/ sets per month.